Foire aux questions


I'am not able to do my design myself

In this case, just contact our team. A designer will guide you or do the whole design for you !

I can't change my name and number on my gear.

This is normal ! You only select your name and number colors within the editor. You will be able to enter your name and number in the dedicated form to fill before adding the product to your cart.
Our designers will then adjust the size of your name and number depending their lenght and the space available.

I would like a different design, I have my own design

If you want to use your own design, or if you have a specific idea in mind, just contact our team.
Depending your request, some fees can be asked.

How to apply the same design / the same colors on several products ?

It is not possible to transfer automaticaly your design from one product to another. If you need to do so, please contact our team and we will prepare all your products free of charge.

My order has a design mistake

If despite all our attention you find a mistake on one of your product, contact us and we will reproduce the defective product, free of charge (shipping also free of charge).

I did not order the right size

Our products being sublimated and customised, we cannot exchange or refund a product.
We will however offer you a discount on the same product in a different size.

Can I cancel my order ?

We allow order cancellation with full refund if we receive your request within 24h after your order has been placed.
After that we will not be able to refund any product, production having started.

What is sublimation ?

Sublimation is a print technique that transfers ink into polyester material. It means all your logos, your name, number, will be "incrusted" in the material.
The main advantage is to have an ultra durable gear that won't get alterated when washed, and a fix price no matter how many colors or logos are used.

Can I make a reorder ?

We keep every design we produce. Even years after your first order, we will find your design and be able to reproduce it or adapt it to another product if needed.

Where do you ship ?

Our team is interntional and we send our products worldwide !

How long does it take?

Once your order is validated, and paid, your order will leave our factory within 10 office days.
We will then ship your order using DHL (from 2 to 4 more days).

Any other question or do you need help ?